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Hardwork & knowledge

Knowledge is Power

Helping you, our client, gain a better understanding of the condition of a property is the purpose of a good Visual Home Inspection. This knowledge gives you the power to make a better decision. Moving ahead with an informed decision will aid you in the purchase of a new home or investment property. The knowledge gained during an inspection will also help you in the maintenance and care of a new or existing property.

Integrated Home Systems

Just as there are many components to a human body there are also many components to a modern home. These components are often interrelated and the failure of one component can affect the others. From gable to gable and foundation to ridge you want to have the best information. It is essential to have an inspector with a working knowledge of these components.

Inspection Services

Buyer’s Inspection

When purchasing a home that you may be making payments on for the next 15 – 30 years you will want to get the best advice available. The price of a high-quality Visual Home Inspection is minimal compared to the cost of replacing a component that could have been noticed during an inspection.

Seller’s Inspection

When selling a home the last thing you want is for a qualified buyer to back out due to issues found by the Home Inspector. In order to help the transaction be processed smoothly, sellers are opting to have a home inspection done prior to listing. They can then decide what to correct or leave as is without the stress of re-negotiating the contract or possibly losing the sale.

Structural Pest Inspection

Wood rot and wood-destroying pests can do great harm to a structure if we let nature follow its course. Therefore having a Licensed Structural Pest Inspector report their observations on wood destroying organisms and conditions conducive to their taking up habitation in a structure will give you further insight into the property you are purchasing.

Major Components Inspection

There are several reasons for wanting an inspection of a single major component or various major components without having an entire home inspection: the insurer wants reassurance, the lender wants to know it is done correctly, you the home owner want a professional opinion on some part of the house.